PSU Hierarchy 2023 – PC Power Supply Tier List

Getting a new power supply unit is an import task for any would-be PC builder and here we make a definitive PSU hierarchy to help you decide.

Whether you are building a new PC or upgrading your existing one, it’s essential to have a good power supply unit, as they are the direct source of energy for your computer.

There is no point in having a high-performance CPU or GPU if you saddle it with a lesser PSU. It’s already a complicated process to try and match various PC components into a cohesive unit, especially considering the vast amount of GPU options.

With this in mind, we have created the ultimate PSU hierarchy to help you make the right choice for choosing a new PSU.

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Ranking System

This hierarchy is arranged based on effectiveness and productivity. There are other important traits that we didn’t use as deciding factors but are still worth mentioning and explaining.

In particular, we’re talking about PSU efficiency and the 80 Plus rating. These ratings are a certification created to indicate that a power supply is at least 80% efficient at 20%, 50%, and 100% loads. Six certificates signify a PSU’s efficiency, and their names are pretty self-explanatory: Regular, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

Alongside each level in the PSU hierarchy, there are explanations and suggestions for the best uses of the PSUs in it. To avoid clutter, we’ve chosen to showcase a maximum of 2 versions per manufacturer in each level.

We have also divided the PSUs in each tier into two categories: multi-rail and single-rail

The difference between these two categories is in the number of overcurrent protection circuits. Enthusiasts use the term multi-rail for power supplies with multiple OCP circuits, while single-rail PSUs are the ones with one OCP circuit.

Remember that these OCP circuits do not affect performance. The variation in protection is also very minimal. Manufacturers create single-rail PSUs (S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier) to offer optimal protection.

There are rare cases where multi-rail PSUs can be useful, but only for PSU/PC enthusiasts. In other words, don’t focus too much on this split of categories.

Here’s a good video explaining the difference between them.

S Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier S - PSU Tier List

We’ll start from the top. As in any PC component hierarchy, this tier is reserved for what could be called the enthusiast class. PSUs in this tier hold at least an 80 Plus Gold rating, often an 80 Plus Platinum rating, and sometimes even an 80 Plus Titanium rating.

Unfortunately, PSUs rated Titanium are rare these days, so we don’t see them on the market as often.

These PSUs are meant for very high-performance systems. So unless you’re running a top-of-the-line CPU and GPU and intend to overclock them, getting PSUs from this tier may be unnecessary.

There is an argument to be made here somewhere about the idea that high-end PSUs could go extinct because of the ongoing competition for energy efficiency between brands such as NVIDIA and AMD or AMD and Intel.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as reports mention that future RTX 4000 GPUs may go up to 450W while current flagship GPUs go up to 300W.


PSU Antec High Current Pro Platinum
Antec High Current Pro Platinum
BeQuiet!Dark Power Pro 12/Pro – Dark Power 11/Pro – Straight Power 11 Platinum/Gold
BitfenixWhisper M – Formula Gold
Cooler MasterV-Platinum 2019
CorsairAX1600i – HX Platinum – RMi – HXi
EnermaxPlatimax D.F


PSU Abkoncore CR Platinum
ADATA / XPGCore Reactor – Cybercore
AntecEarthwatts Gold Pro – Gold Pro White – High Current Gamer Gold/Extreme
AsusROG Thor – Thor 850W
Chieftec / ChieftronicPowerplay Gold/Platinum
Cooler MasterV Gold V2 – V SFX Gold
CorsairRMx 2021 – RMx 2020 – RMx 2019 – RMx 2018 – RMx 2015 – SF Gold/Platinum
CougarGX-F (Aurum)
EVGASupernova G2 – Supernova G6 – Supernova P2 – Supernova P6 – Supernova T2
Fractal DesignIon+ Platinum – Ion+ 2 Platinum – Ion Gold
FSPHydro G Pro – Hydro PT Pro – Hydro PTM Pro
In WinPremium A1 Plus Gold
PhanteksRevolt X – AMP – Revolt Pro
RiotoroBuilder 1200w – Enigma G2
SeasonicPrime Gold Titanium – Focus PX/GX/GM – Prime Snow Silent Gold/Platinum – Connect
SilentiumPCSupremo FM2
SilverstoneDecathlon Gold DA-G 1650W – Nightjar SXL
Super FlowerLeadex Gold/Platinum/Titanium
ThermaltakeToughpower GF1/PF1 ARGB/TG1 – Toughpower Grand RGB Platinum – Toughpower iRGB Plus Platinum

A Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier A - PSU Tier List

The A-Tier is a cheaper range but will still cost you a nice amount. However, unlike S-Tier, these PSUs aren’t considered excessive even when overclocking the GPU and CPU.

They could be considered the best option in the long run. Even so, PSUs in this tier are meant primarily for enthusiasts, and the power they generate could be unnecessarily excessive for most gamers.

We discourage choosing an A-Tier PSU for a low-cost computer, as it may not fully utilize the PSU’s power. Rather than a costly PSU, focus on investing in a better CPU, GPU, RAM, or storage.

In this range, it’s safest to stick to manufacturers with a positive track record, such as Thermaltake, Deepcool, or remain silent!.

In this A-Tier list of PSUs, most models are rated 80 Plus Gold.

One great benefit of these A-Tier and S-Tier PSUs is that manufacturers usually offer very long warranties. be quiet!, Deepcool, Corsair, and several others offer a 10-year-long warranty for their high-end products. Some warranties last even longer.

That’s a benefit worth considering.

PSU 1st Player Steampunk Gold
1st PlayerSteampunk Gold
AbkoncoreTenergy Gold X50W
AntecEarthwatts Pro Gold
BeQuiet!Pure Power 11
Cooler MasterMWE Gold
CorsairTXM 2017
CougarGX-S 2017
EVGASupernova B3
Great Wall / HuntersTitan TF
High PowerGD-F V2 HPM
KolinkEnclave G-FM
LC-PowerGP4 – Arkangel III
MicronicsAstro GD
ModecomVolcano Gold
OCZ / PC Power & CoolingSilencer MK III
RampageEverest Forza FTX
RiotoroEnigma Gold
SeasonicCore GX
SharkoonSilentstorm SFX Gold
SilentiumPCSupremo M1 Gold
SilverstoneStrider Platinum PTS
SkydigitalPower Station 5 Gold
Super FlowerGolden Green
ThermaltakeToughpower DPS G RGB
XilencePerformance X

B Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier B - PSU Tier List

The B-tier is the best choice for most PC builds primarily because of the acceptable price and consistent quality. These might not be the best for overclocking GPUs/CPUs, but PSUs in this tier will be ideal if you are looking for affordable reliability.

As in the previous tier, your best bet is to stick to a reliable manufacturer. However, you can also consider buying a PSU from a less established brand in this tier.

Overall, this is where you will find the best value-for-money PSUs in our hierarchy.

PSU Abkoncore Tenergy Bronze
AbkoncoreTenergy Bronze
ADXPower W Gold
AntecHigh Current Gamer Bronze
BR ONERainbow
BeQuiet!Power Zone
BoostboxxPower Boost
BitfenixFormula Bronze
ChieftecSilicon SLC-C
CobaNitroX Nobility
Cooler MasterMasterwatt
CorsairHX Gold
CougarCMX v3
DeepcoolQuanta DQ
EnermaxRevolution X’t II
EVGASupernova B2
Fractal DesignIntegra M
FSPHydro Pro
GigabyteSumo Platinum
Great WallM 1200
High PowerPerformance Pro
In WinClassic C
iTekTaurus GF
KingwinLazer Platinium
KolinkModular KL-M
LC PowerGold Series
MontechAlpha X
NOXHummer X Gold
OCZ / PC Power & CoolingSilencer Platinum
OCZ / PC Power & CoolingZX
RaidmaxVortex Gold AE-V
SeasonicM12II EVO
SenteyPlatinum LTP-SM
SharkoonSilentstorm Icewind
SilentiumPCVero M3
SilverstoneStrider Gold ST
SkydigitalValidus LP
Super FlowerLeadex Silver
Super FlowerGolden King
ThermaltakeToughpower Gold Semi-Modular
ThermaltakeToughpower Grand RGB Platinum
VingaVPS Platinum
XFXBlack Edition Core
XilencePerformance A+ III

C Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier C - PSU Tier List

We’re now in the bottom half of our PSU hierarchy. In this tier and below, most power supply units are less efficient than those listed above. These would be rated either 80 Plus Bronze or Silver. These ratings mean the PSUs are at least 80% efficient during load.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t combine them with a high-end gaming PC. For example, reliable bronze or silver-rated PSUs with 500W, 600W, or 700W could handle a high-end GPU such as an RTX 3070 or RX 6800.

Many solid PSUs can be found in this tier, but be careful; there are a lot of PSUs on the market with misleading advertising on ratings. This also applies to those in the D and F tiers.

PSU Abko or Suitmaster Mighty
Abko / SuitmasterMighty
AerocoolKCAS M
AntecEarthwatts Platinum
BeQuiet!Pure Power 10
ChieftecForce CPS-S
Cooler MasterMWE V2 Bronze
CorsairBuilder CXM
EnermaxPlatimax 600
EVGASupernova NEX-G
Fractal DesignTesla R2
FSPAurum 92+
LC PowerGP3 Silver
MicronicsCaslon II
NOXUrano TX Green Power
OCZModXStream Pro
RosewillTFX Gold
SharkoonWPC Bronze
SilverstoneStrider Essential ET-B
ThermaltakeDPS G Bronze

D Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier D - PSU Tier List

The second-to-last tier in our list is for PSUs that are only suitable for the budget-conscious and should not be used for gaming.

While PSUs in this tier will technically work with a dedicated GPU or a higher-end CPU, they aren’t recommended for anything beyond a basic computer that will run Microsoft Office (even that might be stretching it).

That’s because minor energy fluctuations could deteriorate hardware over time.

This tier will be comprised of mostly older units that are slowly but surely nearing their expiration dates.

PSU Aerocool Aero White
AerocoolAero White
APSEarthwatts 80+
BeQuiet!Pure Power L9
Cooler MasterMasterwatt Lite
CougarCMX v2
EVGASupernova NEX-B
EnermaxNaXn 82+
Fractal DesignIntegra R2
GamdiasAstrape M1 White
Great Wall / HuntersGaming G5
GreenECO rev 3.1
High PowerSimplicity ST HPG-T12S
LC PowerSilent Giant GP3 Bronze
ModecomVolcano Bronze
NOXHummer X Bronze
RaidmaxThunder V2 RX-AP
RosewillHive S
SeasonicM12ii x20w
SilentiumPCSupremo M1 Platinum
SkydigitalPower Station 5 80+
TacensRadix VII
ThermaltakeRX Bronze
XFXProSeries Bronze
XigmatekX-Power II
XilencePerformance A
ZalmanLE II

F Tier

PSU Hierarchy Tier F - PSU Tier List

We have reached the absolute bottom of the barrel of the PSU hierarchy. Models in this tier pose an actual physical risk to your PC. They could easily malfunction and short circuit your board or any other component.

There are circumstances where that could happen to almost any PSU you choose, but premium PSUs are equipped with layers of protection against such situations and usually have warranties. Therefore, PSUs of this tier are not recommended for any kind of PC.

ChieftecNon-rated units
CorsairVS 2012 orange
Cooler MasterRealpower
DiablotekAll units
LC PowerNon-rated units
LinkworldAll units
LogisysAll units
MS-TechAll units
RaidmaxNon-rated units
RasurboAll units
RhomburtechAll units
SempreAll units
SpeedlinkAll units
TacensAll units
TrustAll units
UltronAll units

Final Words On The PSU Hierarchy

It’s important to emphasize that this isn’t a definitive and permanent PSU hierarchy list. Like many other things in the world of technology, power supply units evolve, and their rankings change constantly.

However, PSUs should be appreciated because they’re reliable, long-lasting, and relatively cheap compared to components such as GPUs, which quickly become outdated.

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