NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 Series Release Date, Price, Specs

Answer: It is too early to tell when the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series cards will release and what it will bring.

But, it is known that it is in development and it is anticipated to release in 2022.

Of course, this article will be updated if there are any changes in the future. Until then, the GPUs from the RTX 3000 series is more than enough to provide you with a great gaming experience. If you can get your hands on one, that is.

The last GPU lineup of NVIDIA was released back in Q4 of 2020, the RTX 3000 series. The performance jump from the previous generation of GPUs, the RTX 2000 series to this new Ampere architecture was quite welcome. The 3070 and 3080 were almost over 30% faster than their predecessors while also coming at a cheaper price. A win-win situation for all consumers.

However, it is still quite hard to justify an upgrade from RTX 2070 to RTX 3070. For many, this can be seen as a waste of money. On account of that, all of those people are probably waiting for the next big thing coming from NVIDIA (maybe even AMD). And the next big thing is the RTX 4000 Series.

If you are interested in what the next generation of NVIDIA’s graphic cards will bring, here is the information you are looking for.

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Updates +

  • September 20, 2021: Added more release date information.
  • September 2, 2021: Added new leaks regarding the release date of Ada Lovelace.

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Release Date


Currently, there is no official information about the release date of the next NVIDIA GPU lineup. It is probably still too early even for the company itself to know for sure when the next big release is going to come. So, what do we do know?

Well, we can assume that there is something in the works. Taking this company’s history into consideration and their pattern of GPU releases, the RTX 4000 series is most definitely in development.

Still, it is also quite clear that there will not be any releases of the Lovelace architecture in 2021. Especially after the 2021 GTC Keynote with Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang where he shared about their future architecture plans.

This time around, Nvidia’s next architecture was labeled as Ampere Next which is destined to release in 2022, that’s for certain. By 2024 they believe they’ll have Ampere Next Next ready which is the supposed RTX 5000 series.

Nvidias 5 year plan

And of all of this makes sense since it is still too early for RTX 4000, especially after the leaks suggesting a 3070Ti (or Super), 3080Ti, and maybe even a 3090Ti. These new SKUs should launch throughout 2021.

In other words, NVIDIA already has its hands full.

Keep in mind, there’s no information regarding the exact date. It could be early, mid, or late 2022.

Fortunately for us, there have been some reports/leaks that an earlier release of Lovelace is possible. Not a 2021 release, but at least earlier 2022 compared to the Q4 2022 release everyone speculated.

This is all based on kopite7kimi, a known hardware leaker. Greymon55, another known leaker also claims that all next-gen GPUs will be released by October 2022.


How To Overclock GPU

As mentioned previously, no official info is available for the RTX 4000 series, but there have been some rumors and leaks. All that is known right now is that the codename for the architecture might be Ada Lovelace.

The Ada Lovelace microarchitecture will be on a 5nm fabrication process which is a pretty big leap from the 8nm Ampere (Samsung) chips. A smaller microarchitecture can mean two things. Delivering a lot more performance while using a lot less power.

With a 5nm microarchitecture, Nvidia could increase the size of the chip while also considerably increasing the number of transistors.

Leaks are suggesting an increase of more than 7500 CUDA cores over the GA102 (3090, 3080) chip. Almost double GPC – Graphics Processing Clusters, from 7 to 12 and 30 more TPC – Texture Processing Clusters. For those uninitiated, this is a huge bump in specifications, considering that the Ampere chip has an increase of just 1 GPC over the Turing 102 chip.

With all of these numbers in mind, it is speculated that the chip could deliver more than 65 TeraFLOPS which again, is double what the best (RTX 3090) from Ampere can deliver.


With the info we currently have, it is impossible to guess what the pricing will look like. However, considering that AMD’s RX 6000 series is on par with the RTX 3000 series in terms of performance (in some cases better), Nvidia will most probably stick with the same pricing as Ampere.

Around 330$ for the 4060, $500 for the 4070, $700 for the 4080 and we’ll see about the 4090 or Titan. Those two would most definitely be over $1000.

Unfortunately, there have been talks that this jump to 5nm from TSMC could be a lot more expensive than we expected. The previously mentioned twitter leak by kopite7kimi was a response to nerdtechgasm’s suggesting that 5nm Nvidia is going to be expensive for us consumers.

Scalping & Price Increases

Nvidia GPU Scalping
Image credit: Gizmodo

If you have been on the lookout for a new graphics card for your system, you’ve probably been disappointed several times. GPUs that should cost $500 can be found on retail stores such as Amazon or Newegg for more than $1000. The $700 RTX 3080 is continuously being sold for $1500 on second-hand markets by scalpers.

This kind of scalping is possible because of the global shortage of semiconductor chips in 2021. At the time of writing, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, TSMC and Samsung are currently struggling to keep up with demand.

When this situation is bound to improve, we cannot know. The shortage is expected to last all throughout 2021 and even through 2022.

Right now, you might be wondering: Will this kind of scalping affect the RTX 4000 series?

This is a great question and quite concerning one too. Fortunately, TSMC has already started its investments to grow its manufacturing capacities. Samsung too is planning to build a new chip manufacturing factory in the US.

There are also some rumors that the USA is planning to invest $37 billion in the chip-making industry.

We will keep you updated if there is any information released about the future NVIDIA GPU lineup.

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